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Achieve your personal goals. Online, in-company or one-on-one. Take the next step in your agile journey. Learn how to be an amazing Design Sprint facilitator and get ready to become an Agile Coach.

Online workshops

The Agile Coach's Playbook for
Design Sprints

Stop wasting time in endless meetings. Learn how to truly innovate in just four days. After this four-week online workshop you can help teams make real impact. Learn to focus on what's important, build prototypes to validate your assumptions, and to host insightful interviews.
make agile teams fly

Week 1: Map & Sketch

🎯How to get 7 people aligned around a strategic goal for a new project or idea, and focus on solving the most important part.

Week 4: Test & Results

💬How to interview people to learn if your idea is actually worth building

Week 3: Prototype

🛠How to prototype a high-fidelity prototype in a day

Week 2: Decide

✅How to help groups make decisions out of all possible solutions