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Hi, I'm Arthur.

We live in an agile world. 78% of organisations believe agile working will benefit them. However, only 44% of organisations are applying agile successfully.

For over 10 years I've helped organisations like yours to apply agile successfully.

Learn how to be effective (versus being efficient and running around in circles).

Do twice the work, in half the time.
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Which of all your customers problems is worth solving?

When doing our daily work we often are focussed on the solutions we are trying to build. But the problem with solutions is that we can waste a lot of time and energy building "solutions" for problems that don't exist.

When you first focus on understanding and prioritising a problem, then it becomes much easier to build the right solution.

In the 4 hour Problem Framing workshop I'll help you identify what problem is worth solving, how to involve your customers and three next steps your team can do right now.

set your team up for success

Do you have a risky new challenge? Are you short on time? Or just plain stuck?

Getting a new project off the ground can be tough. Getting buy-in, figuring out what to do, and getting a team aligned can take you months.

It doesn't have to be this way. Design Sprints will help you solve complex problems in just a week.

I'll help you with strategic facilitation, and get your team ready to build products your customers will love.

Innovate in a week
Super Retro: Group of people having fun and are excited about a game where the goal is prevent one person from sitting down

Do you feel like there is more potential in your team?

Because there are so many opportunities when doing daily work, people often forget what's important.

They are so busy with their day-to-day activities that they forget to take a step back, and see how a minor change can have major impact.

A Super Retro-workshop is a great way for your team to do just that. In half-a-day we will look at your team's future and past. Plus, you'll leave the room with concrete action items you can do right now.

empower your team
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Are you ready for taking a next step in your personal agile journey?

I will give you straightforward, no-nonsense, clear advice on how to grow your career through agile approaches, facilitation, strategic thinking, and complex problem solving. Also I know a few things about managing creative people, product development, and stakeholder alignment.

This is not theoretical, metaphysical meditation or unlocking your inner potential. This is just me sharing my straight up agile experience (through 10 years of trial and learning) to help you with your challenges as a creative person.

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Agile coaching a group of people about a decision they want to make

Public Speaking

This is what I do for my clients: I make people think; I make people laugh; and I make people take action.

I do this at company events, conferences, and business seminars, on a variety of topics. My favourite topics are products and teams, and agile management.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who can move your audience.

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