Design Sprint Brief: How do you best prepare for a Design Sprint?

All great Design Sprint stories start with a problem that is worth solving. Is your team solving the right problem? Fill in your answers below and learn how to set your next Design Sprint up for success.
Prepare for your Design Sprint
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Design Sprint facilitator

No matter how many Design Sprint I've done, I always get a slight anxious feeling when​ preparing for the next one.

New team, new location, new domain. Which is great, I'm getting out of my comfort-zone.

One question that always directly comes to mind: Does the Decider know how to create a great Design Sprint challenge?

Preparing a Design Sprint

I like to be well prepared in new situations. When something unexpected happens this gives me the mental space to think about how to best handle that. So I'll already start thinking about solutions for the challenge.

Of course it's a slippery slope. I can easily lose myself in the preparation and already be steps ahead of the team when starting on Sprint Monday. With the big risk that I'm thinking about steps that don't account for the big picture.

I created the Design Sprint Brief to help the Decision Maker get prepared, and in the right mindset for ​the sprint. It makes them think about what success means for them, and how this best serves their audience. This helps them in creating a great challenge.

Prepare for your Design Sprint