Design Sprint

Innovation doesn't have to be hard; Trust the process. A Design Sprint with Agile Arthur helps you to rapidly solve big challenges, create new, or improve existing products. In four days you will achieve what usually could take months.

Why use a Design Sprint?

Guessing is no longer good enough, you need to have a product that actually solves a problem. Design Sprint are the fastest way to validate your assumptions and see if your next project is actually worth building. Don't wast months of time, invest a week.

I have facilitated Sprint to help design products like the Kinderpostzegels app (Dutch charity organisation), the NUsport-app (biggest NL news site) and help De Consumentenbond (Dutch Consumer Association) validate their assumptions in their digital transformation. The clients I've worked with love the design sprint because it removes the guessing when deciding if a new project is worth the budget.

What steps are in the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a pressure cooker, it feels like a four-day hackathon. On day 1 we start mapping and sketching out the problem, and define the questions we want to answer during the week. Day 2 is decision day, and we focus on the best solutions to prototype. During day 3 we rapidly build the high-fidelity prototype, which we use to validate our assumptions on day 4.

What do the participants think?

Natasja Durieux
Marketeer at De Consumentenbond
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Diek Schipper
Commincation Advisor at De Consumentenbond
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Jacqueline Jansen
Proposition Lead at De Consumentenbond
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What is the outcome?

The outcome of every Sprint is always a high-fidelity, clickable prototype, tested by real users (recorded on video) and clear steps on what to do next.

And after the Sprint?

With real user feedback and a sample of how your product could look like in your hands, it becomes way easier to decide your next steps. Sometimes, it makes sense to do a second sprint to iterate and improve the idea, making it almost production-ready. Or you could use the prototype to get buy-in on your new project and actually build the product.

And why work with Agile Arthur?

Working with Agile Arthur helps you to achieve your business goals better and faster. I have 10+ years of experience of building products and great teams. Also, I'm the creator of the Design Sprint Masterclass. This way of blended learning helps you to facilitate your own Design Sprints in the future.

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