Practice what you preach. Lessons from January 2019

Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Last updated 
September 12, 2023

My biggest lesson this month; Practice what you preach.

This is not the first time, I get remembered of this lesson every now and then.

When helping teams collaborate more effectively, I help them focus on principles:
🎯Aim big, start small
💬Get feedback, early and often

And then I start something new for myself. In this case, creating not one but two on-demand courses:
🇳🇱Design Sprint Masterclass
👩🏫Scrum in the classroom

At the same time.

To get them out in public I had to create the course setup, training materials, work with a new partner, record+edit the videos, setup email flows and make a website. And help people find the courses if it's something that could help them. 👈 All this x2.

🎯I am aiming big, but forget to start small
💬I forget to ask feedback

And then, because so many things are in progress, nothing gets really done.

Luckily I've also learned that I never had so much fun in creating new training courses this way.So last weeks were about Getting Things Done™️. Focus and finishing the courses!

💬 And, this is me asking for feedback; What do you think about the courses? I would love to hear from you!