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You're working with the same group of people on a daily basis. Congratulations, you're in a team! But now you've noticed that there is some friction in your team. Or maybe you're already having some (small) successes with your team, but feel like there is even more potential.

I've helped 60+ teams to help become high-performing, so that they can achieve their business goals faster.

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Sep 27, 2019


Design Sprint Masterclass

Agile Amsterdam Conference
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Oct 18, 2019


The Agile Coach's Playbook for Design Sprints

4-week online learning experience
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Nov 27, 2019


Design Sprint Facilitator in a day

Learn how to apply Design Thinking in a group setting
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Nov 28, 2019

Space to Create, Utrecht

Design Thinking Factory

Learn the basics of facilitating Design Sprints
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