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Would you like to take back control over your work-life again?


Are you one out of eight employees that has symptoms of burnout?


Is your calendar full of meetings, and is it hard to get actual work done?


Did your last project end in disappointment?


Are priorities changing everyday, making you feel like running in circles?


Are you tired of: "That's just how things go over here"?


Are you afraid of making decisions for things you're not certain about?

πŸ‘†These are symptoms of the status quo.

πŸ‘‡Break the status quo today

become an agile leader now
100% FREE πŸ’Έ Sign up for the 5-day challenge today.

What people are saying about the challenge

Ozgul Turan

Ozgul Turan

Agile Practitioner
at FinTech clients

May 2019
I really enjoyed the short videos. They are succinct, filled with relevant examples, and fun.

The content is super relevant, especially the first video, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU. I would tie every video back to it. Thanks for this amazing opportunity and letting me access the training in the past 5 days.
Guido de Vries

Guido de Vries

Senior Software Engineer
at TheNextGen

May 2019
Great training setup! Especially the first three days really resonated with me.

The challenges are supported with worksheet materials. And because the examples include real persons, the topics really stick with me. The other examples and tips are also helpful. Congrats!
Diogo Campos

Diogo Campos

Brazilian Partner
at LogicMundo

May 2019
Congratulations on the course, the content was really good.

The reason why I've enrolled myself was because I work with Lean/Agile methodologies within marketing and although I'm not a millennial, I manage a few of them. Thus the search for info that will help me improve as a professional and even more as a leader.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such great content.

What you can expect

The 5-Day Agile Leadership Challenge is a course with one module per day. Each module has a video, materials and challenge to help you through that day's objective. Here's what you'll learn and do:

Day 1

It starts with You

If agile doesn't work for you, you're doing it wrong. Learn why agile works, and how you can make agile work for you.
Day 5

Leading agile Teams

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Learn how to overcome self-doubt and lead agile teams.
Day 2

Bring back Focus

Multitasking is a lie. Learn Β the difference between being efficient and being effective, so you never have to be "busy" again.
Day 4

Making better Decisions

Think like a scientist. Learn how to solve complex problems one step at a time and overcome your fears.
Day 3

Facing the Unknown

The magic happens out of your comfort zone. Learn techniques to discover new areas, and validate your assumptions.
become an agile leader now
100% FREE πŸ’Έ Sign up for the 5-day challenge today.

About the trainer

Arthur von Kriegenbergh

Design Sprint facilitator
Arthur helps organisations to break the status quo. By creating digital products customers love. As a Design Sprint facilitator and Agile Coach he has facilitated 30+ Design Sprints.

Fun fact: Arthur once started as a software developer. In that role experimented with Scrum and succeeded to close the gap between IT and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another cheesy self-help course cashing in on the agile buzzword?


10 years ago I learned about Scrum, working as a software developer. Following the rules of Scrum immediately resolved the biggest issue we had: The gigantic gap between business and IT.

That was the start of my agile journey as a Scrum Master, and working in high-performing teams became my standard.

Until 5 years ago I almost burned out. Always expecting high-performance of myself, and being unable to focus on what's important started to weigh down on me.

Having worked with multiple coaches and teams since then – and by a lot of trial and learning – I've found how to achieve high-performance on a sustainable pace.

In this course I want to share that with you, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

Break the status quo and
lead your own agile journey

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